Pokémon Card Game Branded Merchandise revealed

Published on 11 December 2019 at 12:45

During December 14th and the 15th, there will be the following tournaments that use the Starter Set V decks for the "Pokemon Card Challenge!" event.

During this period, a Pokémon Card Special Shop will be temporarily opened in EDION AKIBA to sell commemorative Pokémon Card Game branded items for this tournament. These products also will be sold at Pokemon Center Mega Tokyo, Pokemon Center Tokyo DX, Pokemon Center Shibuya, Pokemon Center Yokohama, Pokemon Center Sky Tree Town and Pokemon Center Tokyo Bay.

Knit cap

grass / flame / water / thunder / fighting energy

2,500 each + tax

Muffler towel

grass / flame / water / thunder / fighting energy

Each 1,200 yen + tax

Can badge set

grass / flame / water / lightning / fighting energy

600 yen each + tax

Rubber band

grass / flame / water / thunder / fighting energy

500 yen each + tax

Drawstring bag

pokemon card game

200 yen + tax

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