Hop Full Art Promo Sword & Shield TCG Box Purchase Bonus revealed

Published on 21 November 2019 at 06:32

The first ever Full Art Supporter card for Sword & Shield TCG has been revealed! And it's a promo card! 


If you buy 2 boxes (60 packs) of either S1W Sword & Shield Expansion Pack Sword / S1H Sword & Shield Expansion Pack Shield, you will recieve this Hop 005/S-P Full Art Promo illustrated by Naoki Saito. While supplies last. This card is obtainable in Japan once the set is released on Friday December 6, 2019.

It's expected this card would release as a regular set card in our Sword & Shield TCG set in February 2020.

This is similar to last generation, where your Rival was Hau. You would get a Hau 020/SM-P Full Art Promo if you purchased 1 box of the first Sun & Moon TCG set SM1S / SM1M Sun & Moon - Expansion Pack Sun / Moon.


The effect is also the same as Hau.

Draw 3 Cards.

Additionally if you purchase 1 box instead of 2 boxes, you will get a Sword & Shield  original Card Storage Box with designs of Grookey, Scorbunny & Sobble, and Zacian & Zamazenta.

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