Pokemon Card Game Sun & Moon Limited Collection Master Battle Set revealed

Published on 16 August 2019 at 06:21

Pokémon has revealed a luxury limited edition product that is scheduled for early December 2019! This features new unseen promo cards! These cards are Alolan Friends and Pikachu. These two cards might be promo's for our upcoming Hidden Fates Ultra Premium Collection that will come in November! 

This product is an Pokemon Center Online exclusive and will cost $113 and reservations will be only at the Pokemon center online starting on August 16, 2019 (Friday). This limited product will be shipped in waves.


"Pokemon Card Game Sun & Moon Limited Collection Master Battle Set"

12,000 yen + tax

  • Promo Card "Pikachu"  
  • Promo Card "Alolan Friends" 
  • Holographic Deck Sleeves 1 Set (64) 
  • Holofoil faux Leather Deck Box 1x
  • Holofoil Playmat 1x
  • Synthetic playmat case 1x 
  • Metal damage counter dice 12x
  • Holofoil faux leather Dice case 1x
  • Metal GX marker 1x
  • Status Marker (Poison / Burn) 1 each 
  • Pokemon Flip Coin  1 x
  • Telescopic ballpoint pen 1x

What do you think of this limited product? Will you be getting (importing) one? Let me know! 

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