Pokémon Illustrator Card sold for $28,500

Published on 13 August 2019 at 07:57

A Pokémon (Pikachu) Illustrator CoroCoro Promo surfaced on the Internet last Sunday and was listed publicly on Yahoo Japan auction recently and ended Tuesday morning in Japan at roughly 3 million yen (3.005.000 yen). 28.493 U.S. dollars. For alot of collectors, this card is one of the holy grails in this hobby and is notorious for it's rarity. This card is being faked alot too. 


Update 13-8-2019:

Apparently Twitter user tradenatural has said to me that this auction and the seller got suspended (this has been confirmed and checked by me) and that there is no successful winner on this auction. The card did not sell on Yahoo Japan, the reason of this is currently unknown. It could have been shill bidding.

If the card sold privately outside this auction, we do not know. 

Update 2:

The seller got suspended permanently on Yahoo Japan. What exactly happened, we don't know. The seller might not been happy the way it went. The card could possibly appear again soon in the future. 

The card was only PSA Authenticated, to confirm it's actually authentic and not PSA Graded. So you can regard this as a raw ungraded card. It looks in decent condition despite it's age. 

Currently it's not known (as of 13-8-2019) publicly who has won this auction. It may surface again when the winner of this auction has recieved this card.

PSA has in their database a population(you can check the image below) of 4 PSA Authenticated Illustrator promo's, and 14 PSA graded versions of this card. 


You can check out this specific card here on PSA. 

If you ever had the chance to purchase this card, would you purchase one? Let me know! 

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