DeNA Rebrands its Pokémon Joint Venture as "Pokémon Card D Studio" and Promotes "Pokémon Trading Card Game Pocket" Development

Published on 1 May 2024 at 10:40

Promising for TCG Pocket!

DeNA, one of the biggest mobile gaming companies, also known for Pokémon Masters EX has made a announcement. On May 1st, they revealed that their subsidiary, formerly DeNA Digital Production, is now called Pokémon Card D Studio (株式会社ポケモンカード・ディー・スタジオ) (Pokémon Card D Studio Co., Ltd.), effective April 26, 2024.

This is originally set up to encourage teamwork between DeNA and Pokémon, this name change marks a fresh start for their collaboration. It signals a new phase of partnership involving Pokémon, Creatures Inc., and DeNA.


The main goal of this name change? To encourage development of "Pokémon Trading Card Game Pocket," a hotly anticipated smartphone game set to launch in 2024. Building on the success of "Pokémon Masters EX," released in 2019, Pokémon Card D Studio aims to deliver a stable global (gaming) service, has been mentioned in their press release.

Leading the charge are Tetsuya Iguchi as President from from DeNA Co., Ltd, Keita Hirobe as Director from The Pokémon Company, and Keigo Watanabe as Director from DeNA Co., Ltd.


Based in Tokyo, Japan, Pokémon Card D Studio has a global outlook. DeNA Co., Ltd. owns 66.6%, with The Pokémon Company owning 33.4%.


As Pokémon Card D Studio embarks on this journey, it's a promising time for Pokémon fans everywhere.


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