Big Update on the Wizards Create-A-Snorlax Pokemon Card Contest

Published on 19 November 2023 at 18:30

More details on this contest!

Recently, our friends at Johto Times conducted an enlightening interview with Craig Turvey, uncovering new, intriguing and important details about the Wizards of the Coast Black Star Promo Create-A-Snorlax Pokemon Card Contest, including the discovery of previously unseen submitted artwork!


This follows up on an earlier 2023 video release by MATOBA DESIGN that first shed light on the controversial aspects of the contest.

Craig Turvey Interview

The interview with Craig Turvey, winner of the "Create-a-Snorlax Card Contest" by Wizards of the Coast, explores his journey from a Pokémon enthusiast to the creator of a winning Snorlax card design. Turvey, a SQL Developer and Pokémon League host, initially encountered Pokémon at the 1997 E3.

His winning design, completed in one night, featured a sleeping Snorlax with an added Eevee for appeal. Despite tough competition and his doubts about winning, Turvey's entry was one of the twenty chosen for public voting and eventually won.


The victory brought him recognition in the Pokémon community, with his signed promo cards becoming a token for his League attendees. The interview also includes perspectives from other contestants and reflects on the evolving Pokémon card market. Turvey's story is a testament to the blend of creativity and community in the Pokémon TCG world.

All 20 Create-a-Snorlax Card Contest Entries found

Johto Times: "During our research, I was able to locate all twenty of the randomly selected entries for the Create-a-Snorlax Card Contest that were originally voted on, which includes Craig’s entry. I have been able to confirm their authenticity by one of the other finalists, SailorClef. I asked her about her entry, and how the public voting was carried out." 

Promotional Artworks Used as Actual Entries by Wizards??? 

When the publication by MATOBA DESIGN surrounding this contest was released, five more Snorlax artworks came to light. Initially, it was speculated that these pieces from Wizards themselves were also contest entries like the finalists'. However, Johto Times revealed that they were likely created solely for promoting the contest, not as contest submissions.

For the full details of Craig Turvey's experience and insights into the contest, aswell as the other finalists and all the artwork entries you can read the complete interview here.


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