Mercari and Pokémon Join Forces: New Partnership Creates a Safe and Secure Trading Environment on the Mercari Marketplace

Published on 13 June 2023 at 04:43

TPC is taking measures now!

Mercari and The Pokémon Company have formed a partnership to enhance the safety and security of Pokémon products on the Mercari Marketplace. This collaboration, established through a "Memorandum of Understanding on Marketplace Co-creation," aims to create a favorable environment for trading by implementing various initiatives.


As part of this agreement, The Pokémon Company and Mercari, a prominent secondary distribution company, will share product and release information in advance. Additionally, they will collaborate to raise awareness among customers regarding specific new products and proactively address any issues related to counterfeit or infringing items. By fostering such close cooperation, the partnership aims to eliminate customer confusion and establish a safer and more secure trading ecosystem for both companies' customers.


The official statement from Mercari regarding this collaboration with Pokemon:


"Collaboration Details in the "Memorandum of Understanding on Marketplace Co-creation"


  • Providing specific information on new product releases, product details, product images, etc. to Mercari.
  • Implementation of awareness-raising measures on websites and other platforms.
  • Strengthening production and devising sales methods at direct retail stores to deliver products to those who purely enjoy Pokémon cards, and enhancing cooperation with wholesalers and retailers.


  • Raising awareness regarding specific new products through the "Mercari" app and official blog based on information provided by Pokémon.
  • Removal of listings that violate Mercari's terms of service for specific agreed-upon products after discussions with Pokémon.

Mercari, based on this agreement, will work together with Pokémon to create an environment where customers can use both companies' products and services in a more secure and safe manner."

In a related announcement today, The Pokémon Company has taken measures to prohibit the resale of Pokémon Card 151 and has advised customers on the official Pokemon Card Game website, to stay calm after products release on marketplaces. They have also acknowledged and warned about the presence of counterfeit products, original packs (ORIPA) with uncertain card inclusions, and tampered searched packs and booster boxes.


The Pokémon Company emphasizes the importance of exercising caution when using flea market apps and similar services and is committed to collaborating with major marketplace providers like Mercari to ensure a secure trading environment.


The official announcement from The Pokémon Company regarding selling / buying Pokemon Card 151 products on marketplaces:


"To ensure a safe and enjoyable experience with the Pokémon Card Game, please read the following precautions regarding the "Pokémon Card 151" booster pack, which will be released on June 16th (Friday).

We strictly prohibit the purchase of goods for the purpose of resale or other profit-making activities. If our company determines that an order on Pokémon Center Online violates the terms of use or is intended for resale, we reserve the right to cancel the order and restrict future use.

Immediately after the release of the product, there is a possibility that the listing prices on flea market apps such as Mercari may temporarily skyrocket due to the actions of certain sellers and buyers. For customers considering a purchase, we kindly ask you to carefully review the suggested retail price and contents of the product, and to take calm actions after the release.

Furthermore, as announced today, we will implement a made-to-order production system to ensure reliable delivery to customers seeking to purchase the product.

  • Please note the following when using flea market apps or similar services, not limited to this product:

  • Listings of "counterfeit or imitation products" have been identified.

  • Sellers may independently include random cards and sell them under expressions such as "SR high probability inclusion" in "original packs (Oripa)." However, the actual probability of such cards being included may be low or they may not be included at all.

  • Listings of "searched packs/boxes," where only expansion packs containing rare cards such as SR and SAR have been extracted using techniques like searching, and the remaining packs are sold, have been identified.

Furthermore, we will continue to take measures to establish a safe and secure trading environment through collaborations with the providers of major flea market apps such as Mercari."

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