Snow Hazard & Clay Burst Pokemon Center Gym Set Information Revealed, Iono Merchandise Included

Published on 16 December 2022 at 12:52

Maybe stream it on Iono Zone?

A Snow Hazard & Clay Burst Pokemon Card Gym Set, which will be available on April 14, 2023, is a special type of box that will be released again. The official sell sheet is in our hands.


This box contains Pokemon Card Game Merchandise for Levincia's Gym Leader Iono from the videogame Scarlet & Violet, and it costs 12800 yen (tax included).


This item will only be available in Japan at Pokemon Gym Stores (the equivalent of the Pokemon Store League here) and Pokemon Centers in Japan.


The dual set Scarlet & Violet Expansion Pack Snow Hazard / Scarlet & Violet Expansion Pack Clay Burst is now 100% guaranteed confirmed as a result of this piece of information.


Public information and official product images will be accessible closer to the release.


It will include:

  • 1x Snow Hazard Booster Box 
  • 1x Clay Burst Booster Box
  • 1x Deck Sleeves Iono (64 sleeves)
  • 1x Deck Box Iono (comes with 2 dividers)
  • 1x Card Storage Box Iono
  • 4x Card storage dividers


The previous Gym sets / Special Sets (that also were being sold at GYM stores) were: